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The “Why” of Sensory Integration in our Circle time and Outdoor play


In our Hummingbirds Nest circle time, the children are nourished through imaginative movements through songs, games, and working in imitation. The teacher brings forth a strong imagery to the story telling so that child can feel as if they are the particular character, animal or element.  Through this richness of imaginative play the sensory integration is implement.

Sensory Integration is the process of organizing sensory inputs so that the brain produces a useful body response and also useful perceptions, emotions, and thoughts. Over 80% of the nervous system is involved in processing or organizing sensory input.

Sensory stimulation and motor activity during the early childhood years will “mold” the neurons and interconnections to form sensory and motor processes.  The movement in our circle time – from crawling like a lizard to cat/cow yoga breaths stimulate the neurons making electrochemical contact. This creates a “bridging” from one neuron to another (left to right side of brain) and creates a synapse for learning.

In the area of neural plasticity, research has shown that the “wiring” of the central nervous system is open to change and this wiring through movement has profound growth of maturation in the child’s ability to interact effectively with both their social and physical environment. Therefore, creating a strong foundation of sensory integration in movement strengthens the complexes processes for reading, writing, and mathematics in the later years.

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